Career Opportunities With Inland Lighting Supplies

How would you like to work for Riverside’s best lighting supply company? Inland Lighting Supplies, Inc. is hiring! We always welcome your interest in our employment opportunities and encourages you to contact us with your resume and qualifications. We regularly handle wholesale commercial lighting, residential lighting, decorative lighting, and even lighting in government buildings and parks.

In order to have the best-quality commercial lighting, businesses in the inland empire bring in the experts- Inland Lighting Supplies. We have been providing top-quality lights all around our area since 1976. Do you have what it takes to join the team? We hope so! Even if all they need is a replacement light bulb, we want them to trust the job to us and only us. When Riverside companies bring in Inland Lighting Supplies, they know their job was handled correctly.

Phone: 1-800-697-3455

All qualified applicants will be considered and will only be contacted if there is an open position. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Inland Lighting Supplies Inc.

Our customers are entitled to the highest level of service available. We are prepared to visit your establishment to make specific recommendations.